EXPRESS LIFT,following the requirements of EU Directive upon modernization and safety of the lifts,harmonized in the Greek legal framework wF.ClassicAthena A310ith the GG 1797 B 21.12.05 as well as the standard EN 81.80,suggests you,in any case,the appropriate solution for functional and aesthetic enhancement of your lift. Our engineers will work closely with you in order to advise and help you upgrade your lift in the best possible way for either safety components and mechanical parts or for the aesthetics of your establishment such as the chamber or the buttonholes.
Our company,following the standard EN 81.80 which requires immediate implementation measures(placement of chamber door or communication devices etc)or future implementation,assumes the modernization of your lift,through cooperation with the most trusted,accredited institutions of lift control so as to certify the level of security in present time or at a future review.

Our company applies certified quality assurance system ISO 9001:2008 for the design – installation and maintanance of elevators & escalators.