High Volume Building Elevators


EXPRESS LIFT designs and suggests you the appropriate hydraulic or electromechanical lift according to the use , the accessibility and the special features of each building (multi-storey buildings,office buildings or shopping malls).ktirion-ypsilis-episkepsimotitas-2-04

The hydraulic lifts are proposed as simple and reliable solution in such case,for small or large loads up to 8 stops (route to 22m) and speeds up to 0,80 m/s, with a relatively low cost.

The electromechanical lifts ensure trouble-free operation with no restriction on the route and at speeds,cause they are able to reach 4m/s ,depending on the requirements of each building. New technologies and the use of inverter(VVVF-Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) for the driving of electric motors have brought a new era in electromechanical lifts by giving them the best features for a high performance(smooth acceleration-deceleration with multiple capabilities of adjustment as well as low power consumption).These features make electromechanical lift an ideal choice for multi-storey buildings with long routes and high traffic.

Accuracy, expertizing and our portfolio in this specific domain guarantee for your lift,when it has to do with high requirements’ buildings. In any case the installed lifts comply with EU Directive 95/16 EC as well as the European standard EN 81-1 or 81-2