Freight Elevators


EXPRESS LIFT designs and installs freight lifts for any industrial application. The necessity for this type of lifts , nowadays,has been increased not only across the industry but also across the large urban centers,where it is behoved due to lack of required parking spaces(car lifts).The resistance to heavy use and the reliability are the hallmarks of the freight lifts,manufactured by us,which are suitable for carrying payloads up to 10 ton.
Freight lifts can be hydraulic or electromechanical ,as the case may be,and comply with the European Directive EC 95/16 and the standards set in the EC 98/37,referring to freight lifts with escort or lifting machines respectively.

In cases of reduced size / limited distance (up to 6m) sumps,we suggest the PARK LIFT system (jointed hydraulic platforms) which allows nearly complete shafting of the sump and offers a solution in cases where the installation of the lift is not possible,in normal conditions. PARK LIFT systems comply with all freight lifting or car lifting regulations as well as the Directive referring to lifting machines.