Domestic Elevators

katoikion-2-01   Domestic lifts represent a percentage over 40% of our projects and this is the reason why we have obtained the experience and the flexibility to adapt the lift that you want in each possible case and at the best possible way.katoikion-2-04

Our engineers will be with you to provide solutions upon space problems which arise frequently as well as solutions for buildings where no engine room or sump have been initially foreseen .The aesthetic aspect is something of great importance to us,so our wide range of available materials is certain to help you find easily what fits in your space .Finally,the selection and ongoing evaluation of our suppliers ensures long and trouble-free operation of your lift.

The domestic lifts usually serve 2 to 4 stops with a payload of 180 to 450 kg at a speed not exceeding 0,75m/sec. Based upon the features extended above, the hydraulic lifts ,we provide,are considered to be the best solution for you,given that they have standard automatic evacuation system in case of power failure.


*All elevators installed by EXPRESS LIFT comply with the EU Directive 95/16 EC and also with the European standard EN 81-2.