Our Company


EXPESS LIFT installs,maintains and updates people and freight lifts,escalators and walkways.032310152443A

Our long experience, combined with the excellent organization and modern equipment,supported by our skilled manpower,ensures quality and reliability of our products as well as a fast flexible and continuous technical support. The procurement of materials from major manufacturers,ensures to our clients,products of high quality and security,complied with current legislation and international standards.

The high quality is our firm policy, which is achieved by continuous evaluation of our suppliers and by applying a quality installation and technical support system of each lift,sufficient to meet the most demanding customer.

Guarantee is our dynamic and continuous presence at the domain of lift(we have installed and maintained more than 2.000 lifts from 1986 till now)with portfolio ranging from individuals to large construction companies,banks,hotels and public administration agencies.
Our company applies certified quality assurance system ISO 9001:2015 for the design – installation and maintanance of elevators & escalators.